About Consumer Bankruptcy

Since the last recession began, Florida has been one of the states hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis. Thousands of people have lost their homes due to financial insolvency. Fortunately, a financial crisis due to job loss, divorce, or some other unfortunate event does not have to be a life sentence. There is hope. For some, that hope comes in the form of taking advantage of the U.S. Governments Chapter 7 “Fresh Start” Bankruptcy option, if they qualify.

Lori Patton is a leading Longwood bankruptcy attorney, and The Law Office of Lori Patton, P.A. has helped hundreds of clients claim their own fresh start through the bankruptcy process, wiping out thousands of dollars in debt so they can start their financial lives anew.

Years of Experience in Consumer Bankruptcy

Lori Patton, Longwood bankruptcy attorney and the founder of Law Office of Lori Patton, P.A., began working for bankruptcy and civil litigation firms long before becoming an attorney. Since becoming an attorney in 1999, she has continued gaining experience in those same areas of law, including serving one year as a staff attorney for a Family Court Judge in Louisville, Kentucky, several years as an attorney representing the Florida Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement, and in her own firm since 2003.

Ms. Patton is a member in good standing of both the Florida and Kentucky State Bar Associations, and Federal Court, Western District of Kentucky, and Middle District of Florida. She also is a member of the Seminole County Bar Association, Past Bankruptcy Section Chair for the Orange County Bar Association, as well as the Central Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers Association (Past member of Board of Directors and Secretary), National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA), National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) and Seminole County’s Voile A. Williams, Jr. Inn of Court.

Since 2010, she has served as a Chapter 7 Panel Trustee in the Orlando Division of the Middle District of Florida.

Presently, L. Todd Budgen, Esq. an affiliate of the Law Office of Lori Patton, P.A., is serving as the attorney on all of the firm’s future consumer bankruptcy cases. Mr. Budgen has litigation, transactional, general civil and business experience, including multiple jury trials. His bankruptcy experience includes multiple reported decisions, and single cases in excess of $14,000,000.

Mr. Budgen’s business experience includes working for several technology companies, working with the White House and working with businesses large and small. Prior to establishing his own firm, Mr. Budgen served as associate at the largest technology specialty law firm in Florida, and worked as an Assistant State Attorney.

He earned his Bachelor’s and a minor in Business from Northwestern University, and his law degree and a Master’s in Management from Syracuse University. Mr. Budgen is a member of MENSA, a prior Director of the Central Florida Bankruptcy Law Association and a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

If you need a Longwood bankruptcy attorney, we offer a free, no obligation, private consultation to discuss your particular case and help you determine your best options. If you feel buried under a mountain of debt, are concerned about losing your home or your business, or do not know how you can continue paying your bills because you’ve lost your job, divorced, or experienced some other financial hardship, please contact our office immediately. We may be able to help.



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This article is intended to help the Personal Injury Attorney whose client has filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida. I hope to help you understand the impacts of the bankruptcy filing on your case.  Bankruptcy debtors should discuss any questions they have...

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Anatomy of a Chapter 13 Proceeding

Very often I will sit down with a new consult and one of the first things they say is “I want this to be a Chapter 7, I don’t want Chapter 13.” I always then ask “Why do you say that?” because the answer gives me insight into what they have already learned (either...

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Florida Supreme Court Changes Bankruptcy Law in Florida

Until July 1, 2007, the value of personal property a bankruptcy debtor was allowed to keep and tell their creditors to go jump off a bridge was really low, $1,000 per debtor and another $1,000 specifically for car equity, if any. Compared to the rest of the nation,...

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The Underwater Florida Home and The Wildcard Exemption

One thing I enjoy about practicing bankruptcy law is the predictability and mechanics of the practice and the process. One very big exception at the moment is how we should be treating the client’s Florida home that is worth less than what is owed, but that they want...

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Bankruptcy Considerations in Divorce

I recently agreed to speak on the topic of bankruptcy considerations in divorce at a seminar for family law attorneys.  This is a copy of my portion of the outline to be included in the materials.  It's choppy because it's just an outline, but hopefully will have...

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Same Gender Married Couples Can Now File Joint Bankrutpcy

The Associated Press published an article July 8, 2011 stating “Federal officials no longer plan to contest joint bankruptcy pleadings brought by legally married same-sex couples.” The article then goes on to explain the position shift and the story of the married men...

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Just Say ‘No’ to Friends and Family Preference

One of the first questions any good bankruptcy attorney will ask during a consultations is if a client’s debt includes debt owed to friends or family members, and if debt has been paid to friends or family members in the last year. This is very important because you...

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What Happens to Divorce Debt in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be complicated all on its own, but things can get even more tricky when you throw in the fact that it has already been addressed in a divorce. There are two categories of “divorce debt” in bankruptcy: “support” and “debt owed to a spouse, former spouse,...

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Bankruptcy vs. Debt Consolidation Programs

Very often people come to see us after having tried being in one of those Debt Consolidation programs. Others are just starting to have trouble with debt and are considering all their options and ask for an opinion on Debt Consolidation programs. Here is what I tell...

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What Do You Mean They Can Take My Bike?!!

This past week has been “Bike Week” in Daytona Beach, which is the next county over. It’s not unusual to see groups of weekend warriors out riding around Central Florida, but more so this time of year. One question I’ve learned to ask during any initial bankruptcy...

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Florida’s Homestead Exemption and Mobile Homes

Question:  Does Florida's homestead exemption apply to mobile homes in bankruptcy? Short Answer:  Yes Long Answer: Yes, and it is still permissible to also claim the wildcard exemption in bankruptcy if the mobile home sits on a lot rented and not owned by the...

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8 Questions to Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before You Hire Him/Her

Several of my staff are out of the office this afternoon, so I’m pulling phone duty.  A man just called and said he was shopping bankruptcy attorneys and had “several questions” but his first was “how much?” for an individual Chapter 7. I told him the fees and costs...

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